Amazon Order Fulfilment

FuturePro Logistics can provide fulfilment services specifically designed for Amazon sellers. These services include receiving inventory from suppliers, storing your products in our warehouses, picking, and packing orders, labelling products according to Amazon's requirements, and shipping orders to customers.

Amazon FBA Prep Services

For sellers utilising Amazon's FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program, FuturePro logistics offer prepping services to ensure that products are prepared and packaged correctly before being sent to Amazon's fulfilment centres. This may include labelling, repacking, bundling, and other prep tasks to comply with Amazon's guidelines.

Inventory Management

FuturePro Logistics can assist Amazon sellers with inventory management tasks, such as tracking inventory levels, monitoring stock movements, and providing real-time visibility into inventory status. Advanced inventory management systems and software help optimise inventory levels and prevent stockouts or overstocking.

Returns Management

Handling returns is an integral part of selling on Amazon. FuturePro logistics can manage the returns process efficiently, including processing returned items, inspecting product conditions, restocking inventory, and facilitating refunds or exchanges according to Amazon's return policies.

Customised Solutions

FuturePro designs solutions to the specific needs and requirements of Amazon sellers. Whether it's seasonal fluctuations, promotional campaigns, or special packaging requirements, we can adapt our services to accommodate your business needs.

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