Food Registered Business

Environmental Health approved and registered food premises.

Licensed Premises

Licensed Premises  Alcohol, drinks to consumers at home. Premises Number: 16/01665/LQN DPS No 020625

FHDDS Authorisation

Inspected & authorised by HMRC to manage e-Commerce web Sales Number : XCFH00000100053

Customs Authorised Bonded Warehouse

Customs Bonded by HMRC to hold goods in VAT unpaid suspended status. Customs Authorised General warehouse Number : U2112981GB

Excise Bonded by HMRC to hold alcoholic drinks including Beer, Whiskey, Gin and Wines. Also to carry out Duty Stamp application on bottles.

FDA Registration

United States of America, Foods & Drug Administration registration for stock holding, processing, and packing for USA imports. 2019 Registration 1062326331 (USA).

SEDEX Registered Supplier

Membership Type Supplier (B Member). Industry Classification H - Transportation and storage Warehousing and support activities for transportation