Food Registered

Environmental Health approved and registered food premises.

Licensed Premises

Licensed Premises drinks to consumers at home. Premises Number: 16/01665/LQN DPS No 020625

FHDDS Authorisation

Inspected & authorised by HMRC to manage e-Commerce web Sales Number : XCFH00000100053

Customs Authorised Warehouse

Customs Bonded by HMRC to hold goods in VAT unpaid suspended status. Customs Authorised warehouse Number : U2112981GB

Excise Bonded by HMRC to hold alcoholic drinks including Beer, Whiskey, Gin and Wines.

FDA Registration

United States of America, Foods & Drug Administration registration for stock holding, processing, packing for USA imports. 2019 Registration 10623263310 (USA).

SEDEX Registered Supplier

Membership Type Supplier (B Member). Industry Classification H - Transportation and storage Warehousing and support activities for transportation