Health & Beauty

Supporting high quality services for Life Science, pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. FuturePro Logistics manages compliant storage, inventory control and order fulfilment.

From our Secure storage environment FuturePro Logistics provides adaptable storage and order fulfilment solutions.

Control procedures to protect your high-value products, with lot control, date and temperature controls.

Scanning Bar Codes to secure data capture

FPL is a highly adaptable partner supporting seasonal requirement and managing pandemic support

New high quality buildings with the highest security standards.

Environment and Temperature controls

Efficient Pack Build, order preparation and testing standards

Detailed order documentation for UK and International orders

Sustainable Green solutions, including packaging, shipping and warehousing

Flexible solutions to match your business needs including:

  • Compliant, printing and data handling
  • Clinical trial pack assembly
  • Seasonal requirements
  • Pandemic planning and emergency support

Time sensitive : Return & Exchange Processing

Direct to consumer solutions designed to meet your standards. Always protecting patient confidentiality.

Delivery Options

We identify the most economical dispatch method based on the actual order size weight and service required. We want to listen and help you, grow your brand.

Talk to us about your brand and order fulfilment requirements.

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