Bonded Storage

Our HMRC customs bonded warehouse is a secure space which allows you to store goods imported from outside of the UK in duty suspension. Customs duty and VAT payments on these items are deferred until the goods are sold or removed our bonded warehouse

FPL is a financial secure trusted partner with HMRC Movement Guarantee available.

When using a bonded warehouse, a customs entry still has to be submitted at the frontier to allow goods to be removed from the entry port. However, the goods can then be delivered directly to the bonded warehouse under HMRC control without duties and taxes being paid, pending removal at a later date. This gives an immediate cash-flow benefit to the owner.

  • Alcohol Excise bonded warehousing * WOWGR required
  • High value electronic storage
  • Improved cash flow
  • Peak season supply control
  • Full range of picking, packing and fulfilment for bonded items
  • Capacity to import in bulk, re-pack and transport direct to consumers
  • Duty stamp labelling
  • Located ideally for transportation links within the UK and for international distribution
  • HMRC General Trade Warehouse storage

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