We try to use a range of different couriers who are reliable and trustworthy. These include, Royal Mail, DPD and DHL. We also use FedEx and Deutsche Post for international orders. 

For pallet orders, we have many different hauliers that we can arrange quotes from.

We have 95 high bay racking spaces which are 1.9m rather than our standard 1.6.

Yes, our warehouse is bonded for excise

No worries! We've got you covered. We've got a variety of single and double-walled stock boxes on hand. And if those don't fit the bill, we team up with packaging companies to craft custom packaging just for you

On a monthly basis, you'll be responsible for covering charges for: 

  • administration 
  • order picking 
  • goods handling
  • storage
  • courier fees.

However, we tailor our costs to suit each business. We collaborate with you, utilising the information you provide to ensure that the pricing aligns with your specific requirements.

We maintain complete transparency – there are no hidden fees in our pricing. Every price you see is what you would pay per month for the services we provide.

Additional charges might apply for any warehouse or administrative work that falls outside your regular day-to-day operations. However, rest assured that we'll discuss and agree upon these costs with you before proceeding with any additional tasks.

Indeed! We link up to your web shop using an API key. Our WMS is designed to seamlessly connect with most ecommerce platforms, allowing smooth communication of all the essential information back and forth.

Absolutely! We ship internationally every day. However, there are a few limitations on what we can send to specific destinations.

We can handle all returns and exchanges for your business. Our WMS system keeps track of everything that has been returned, and we would work with you to tailor a returns/exchange procedure that fits your needs.

Yes, we have clients who sent their shipments into us packaged and ready, all they need is a label and to be sent via one of our couriers. We can also arrange the collection of your goods from your premises.

A 3PL, (third-party logistics), is a company that offers outsourced logistics services to support various aspects of supply chain management. At FuturePro this means we fulfil your ecommerce orders, store your goods and complete your general warehousing needs. Essentially, we streamline the logistical processes, ensuring smooth operations and efficient delivery for our clients.

We dispatch orders the same day they come into us if they come in by 3pm, or international orders before 12pm (except for Saturdays and Sundays)

Of course! We encourage everyone we are speaking with to come and visit. It's a great opportunity for you to meet the team, get a first hand look at our operations, and gain a deeper understanding of what we are all about and how we work.

Absolutely! We provide a range of value-added services including kitting, assembly, Amazon preparation, order personalisation, PR boxes, and much more. If you have specific needs beyond the standard offerings, please speak to us, we are always up for adding a new service under our belt.