Luxury Goods

High value inventory requires accuracy, care and attention to detail. FuturePro's professional management team have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to work with you to design the right solution to match your business needs.

  • Serial number control
  • Bar coding to ensure accuracy
  • High security locked off areas
  • EDI links your systems seamlessly keeping administration costs to a minimum
  • Late cut off times to keeps your customer satisfaction high

Delivery Options

Tracking of orders is essential when shipping high value orders to UK, European or Global destinations. Customers love the option to track their order which we are able to deliver to PC, tablet or mobile.

We identify the most economical dispatch method based on the actual order size weight and service required. Insurance options are available.

  • Parcel Delivery
  • Pallet Delivery
  • 2 Man Delivery - UK wide Service

Serial Number & Lot Control

We have the systems in place to provide full lot control and tracking of individual items by serial number control. Our tried and trusted systems read all international standards, enabling you to know where units have been delivered as well as track returns, security and warranty claims. 

Returns Handling& Collections 

At FuturePro Logistics we promptly manage customer returns and exchanges. "Swap Outs" can be managed where customers are provided with a new item at the same time the old item is collected.

In warehouse our processes are designed to match your requirements. We are able to carry out assessment checking, grading and repacking operations. At the same time our systems  provide you with visibility and tracking.

To maintain customer satisfaction we provide a fast turnaround for customer exchanges and of course ensure returns are managed as economically as possible.

Goods In and Purchase Order Control

We can provide full supply chain visibility starting with simple contact with your manufacturer to ensure your order is shipping on time.

International or domestics transport can be arranged with integrated visibility tracking your shipment location.

We can collect or your supplier delivers in.

On arrival we manage thorough goods in checking and we communication to you quickly so stock can be available for sale as soon as possible.

Cost Control & Economy

We provide simple billing methods which work for your business to give you a clear understanding of costs. At FPL we understand that businesses need support to expand, introduce new product lines, enhance your image, promote your brand or expand into new markets.

We want to listen and help. Because growing your business is crucial to what we are about.



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